Oregon Concealed Handgun Course


This course meets the requirements set forth in ORS Part 166.291

We make this course informative, fun and welcoming to everyone no matter their level of experience with firearms. The class is focused on the safe and responsible carrying of a concealed handgun and covers a broad range of material.

One component that sets our class apart from most is the interactive scenario training that is conducted on our firearms training simulator. In a safe environment, we are able to help develop and hone critical handgun skills such as drawing from concealment, target acquisition, trigger control and discipline. During the Shoot/Don't Shoot scenarios students will be presented with events that will challenge their decision making, marksmanship and recall of events, thereby better preparing them for actual events. The unique self-assessment a person gets from these training sessions highlight a key part of concealed handgun responsibility - the personal decision to carry and possibly use a firearm in self-defense.  

The classes are offered on an as needed basis and can be reserved for individual or small groups. Contact us to schedule your class.

Shoot/Don't Shoot Scenario

Shoot/Don't Shoot Scenario

Additional Training

Beyond basic firearms training, we offer more advanced handgun skill development courses. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.


As always, for legal advise, go to an attorney. We highly encourage you to speak with one about how gun laws may affect you.